Here are some practical questions and answers regarding the Auxilium Learning Center: (Please, click on the questions to view the answers.)


  •  Daily Hours

    • The regular Camp day runs from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. We offer early morning care and afternoon care. Drop off time is from 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM Pick up time begins at 4:00 PM and ends at 5:30 PM.

      Campers MUST be signed in and signed out daily for their safety!

      If your camper is being dropped off after 8:30 AM, you must sign your camper in and then walk your camper to the location of his/her group at that time.

      To pick up your camper before 4:00 PM, please report to the Camp Office no later than 3:30 PM to sign your camper out and receive a signed release pass. Counselors will not release any camper without a signed release pass.

      Families will be charged a $15 late fee/per 15 minutes for any campers picked up after 5:30 PM..

  •  Insurance

    • Since most campers are covered by family insurance; Camp Auxilium does not assume responsibility for any medical expenses

  •  Health History

    • Medical examinations are not required. However, the health form, completed and signed by a parent or guardian, must be submitted to the camp along with your child's registration. Please be sure to note any allergies.

      All medications (prescriptions and otherwise) must be in their original containers accompanied by a physician's note & a note of authorization from the parent. Medicines should be dropped off at the Camp Office or Nurse's Office by the parent. PLEASE do NOT send medications in with your child.

       *Immunization records can be obtained from your school nurse because that SHOULD be the most up to date record. Prior year's records are NOT retained.

  •  Dates of Attendance

    • We offer the option of a 3 day or 5 day weekly program. Please indicate which option you have chosen by circling it on the registration form. After registration you MAY increase your days by calling the Billing department.

  •  Swimming

    •   Group swim instruction is offered on a regular basis.   
        All life guards are certified by the American Red Cross.   
        Please read our "Guide to the Summer Camp Swim Program".

  •  What to bring (everything must be LABELED)

    • Girls:
      A tote bag with a one-piece bathing suit or modest tankini, swim cap, sunscreen, a large towel and flip flops, crocs or water shoes.

      A tote bag with a change of clothes, sunscreen, a towel and flip flops, crocs or water shoes. We suggest boys wear swim trunks in order to save on changing time.

      SNEAKERS must be worn by all campers. No sandals or heelys, please.

      Camp Auxilium T-shirts, nose and ear plugs, etc are available for purchase at the Camp Store

  •  Items Not Permitted

    • Personal sports equipment, cell phones and electronic games and/or devices are NOT permitted for camper's use while at Camp.

      If a camper brings one of these items to Camp it will be removed and sent to the Camp Office for safe keeping.

      Only a parent will be able to retrieve it from the Camp Office.

      Please note that alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, weapons, animals/pets and personal vehicles are NOT ALLOWED on the premises..

  •  Canteen

    • This is an opportunity for your child to shop for an afternoon snack at our Canteen snack counter. Daily canteen is approximately $1.50 per day. Please send your child's canteen money in at the beginning of the week and it will be kept on an account. You will receive a note when Canteen funds need to be replenished. No camper is permitted to keep money during the day.

      We encourage campers to choose 1 wet snack item (bottled water, juice box, ice pop, etc) and 1 dry snack item (snack pack of cookies, chips, crackers, fruit snacks, etc) each day.

      If it is an exceptionally hot day, we try to encourage campers to choose 2 wet snack items.

  •  Parking

    • Please DO NOT park on Old Swartswood Road in front of the Camp. This is a safety concern & you will be ticketed. Regular drop-off/pick up is through the parking lot at the end of the causeway. Please follow signs posted around the camp roadways for early morning, inclement weather or any other changes in the regular procedure.

      If you have to visit the Camp Office, Nurse or Finance Department, please do so outside of drop-off/pick up times.

  •  Lost and Found

    • Campers are responsible for anything they bring to Camp ... that is why we discourage them from bringing anything of value to Camp. We WILL take good care of your children, but we will not be responsible for lost/damaged fishing poles, toys, clothing, etc. If your camper is missing any items there is a lost and found area located near the Drop-off/Pick-up Area. Please take the time to check this area regularly. The lost & found will be emptied every Friday.

Finally... any questions or concerns, please speak with your camper's Assistant Camp Director at the pick-up area after 4:00 PM.

PHONE (973) 383-2621
FAX (973) 383-3214

Have a wonderful summer! God Bless!