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We are seeking counselors and staff who will commit to serving at Camp Auxilium for the duration of the Camp season. No counselor or staff member may take vacation time during their term of employment.* If you are able to make this commitment, then please apply.

Our camp season will begin on Monday, June 19th, and conclude on Friday, August 4th.

Please complete the application packet for employment or volunteer positions at Camp Auxilium Summer Camp. This packet includes the:

Application and Policy Agreement Form
Health Form
W-4 Form
Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification

New Counselors & Staff: The above forms, along with two letters of recommendation and a brief biographical sketch MUST be completed in their entirety before being returned via mail or in person.

Returning Counselors & Staff: The above forms MUST be completed in their entirety before being returned via mail or in person (letters of recommendation and biographical sketch are NOT required for returning counselors and staff). All documents should be received no later than APRIL 17, 2017.

Upon notification of employment, or acceptance as a volunteer, you will receive additional information. This will include detailed information regarding the various training sessions you will be required to attend based on whether you are a new counselor/staff member/volunteer or you have previously worked/volunteered for us.

Mandatory counselor training sessions:
New Staff Only: Friday, June 9th (5:30 – 8:30 PM)
ALL Staff: Saturday, June 10th (full day 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM)
Sunday, June 11th (12 – 4 PM)
Friday, June 16th (3 PM)

ALL NEW staff members/counselors/volunteers are required to be fingerprinted by June 1, 2017. Please do not get fingerprinted prior to an offer of employment or acceptance as a volunteer. ALL staff members/counselors/volunteers need current certification in CPR and First Aid. We will have classes for those who need to be certified (cost TBA): CPR/First Aid on Monday, June 5th (5-9 PM) & Protecting God’s Children on Tuesday, June 6th (6-8 PM). If you are currently certified, please submit a copy of your certification cards with this application.

You complete the section stating the age and camp group you feel you would be best suited to work with, please note there is no guarantee that you’ll get the age/group requested. (Learning Center, Boys or Girls). We will do our best to place you where you can serve the best.

Sister Liz Ryan
Camp Director

Camp administration reserves the right to adjust hours and roles assigned in response to changes in camp enrollment in the course of the season.

  • Due to economic circumstances this year, all summer staff salaries are frozen at the 2016 summer rate. Only those earning under $9 will receive a 2% increase.

  • Compensation for volunteers or those receiving a stipend will be determined on an individual case basis.