Activities include:
Arts & Crafts
Dance movement
Guest Speakers
Miniature Golf
Nintendo Wii
Rock Climbing
Indoor & Outdoor Sports
Christian Formation and MORE


Camp themes are changed each summer; therefore campers are able to enjoy a different experience from year to year.


    Guide to the Summer Camp Swim Program (Click to view Information)

      A daily swim is both refreshing and fun! Group swim instruction is offered on a regular basis.

      All lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross and test campers during the first week of attendance to determine each camper's swim level. Swim levels are indicated with color-coded swim caps for camper safety and must be worn in order for campers to swim in the pool.

      Each camper's initial swim cap is included in the Registration Fee. Campers who move up a colored swim skill level will be required to pay $8 for the next level swim cap.

      Please note: If a camper forgets his/her cap a new one will be issued in order for the camper to go swimming with an added fee of $8.

      Color-Coded swim levels
           Red for beginning skill level swimmers
           Blue for intermediate skill level swimmers
           Yellow for advanced skill level swimmers.